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Planning a wedding can feel like an overwhelming task! In this blog, we are going to take a whistle-stop tour of some options on offer when selecting live entertainment for your wedding day.

If you are planning a more alternative wedding or something with a unique edge, getting the live entertainment to complement your theme, is a vital part of creating the perfect day. Fantastic live entertainment will leave you and your guests going home with memories to last forever.

Photo booths have almost run their course and it’s time to make sure the entertainment for your wedding lines up with your theme and ‘feel’ of your day. When guests leave your wedding, they may not remember the specific details of your day ( sorry to say, the ones you may currently be spending hours planning on Pinterest!) They will go home with memories of how your wedding felt.

Think back to the last wedding you went to – what do you remember about it? Was it your crazy uncle dancing to Elton John? (Probably not, as let’s face it, he’s a regular feature at most weddings!) It will have been the unique touch you’ve not seen before or something which kept you well entertained and happy while the bride and groom had yet another photo taken.

What is live entertainment?

First of all, let’s define ‘live’ – live means something your guests can see happening before them. Usually, something creative they can see, touch, hear. It’s not mass produced, it’s created or performed by a skilled artist, musician or performer. You can book a DJ with an iPod for a few hundred pounds, but what we are talking about is more than that, it’s unique, it’s live, it’s professionals entertaining you and your guests.   

Performing in Herrenhausen Gardens, Hannover, Germany

Let’s look at the 7 things you need to think about in order to find the perfect live entertainment for your wedding.

1. What type of live entertainment do you want?

There are many options to choose from, gone are the days where your choices were ‘disco dave’ or a string quartet. There are magicians, singers, mime artists, the works! Have a look at what is around, and you might just find something you’ve not yet thought of.

If you don’t simply want a band, but want something during the photographs or the main reception, let us introduce to you our ‘Show Globes’ – we have three main themes which you can see here. We move, roam and interact with your guests. Bringing a unique live entertainment we are fairly sure none of your guests will ever have seen at a wedding before.

When you book a Show Globe creation for your event you are guaranteed a high end visual feast and magical performance.

2. How do you and your guests want to feel when they interact with this entertainment?

Are you going for visual or audio as a priority? Something totally unique or something familiar? Chances are, you will naturally be drawn to something which reflects your taste and preference as a couple. Remember that your guests will expect the day to reflect the couple with whom they have a connection, so don’t be tempted to put on some entertainment which you’re not sure about – if it doesn’t feel right, chances are, it isn’t!

What could be more magical than a life-sized, exquisitely-detailed show globe – either gliding gently between your guests, or as a static installation, greeting them as they arrive for your wedding reception. A perfect talking point ice-breaker, allowing guests to have their photos taken with a work of art whilst you, the bride and groom, get on with the important business of having your pictures taken.

You can see more images and information, here. 

3. Outdoor or Indoor?

Where are most of your guests going to be? There is no point in booking a unique wedding entertainment which is best experienced outdoors if you are planning a wedding which will largely be indoors.

The great news is, our show globe live entertainment can roam around both indoor and outdoor locations.

Sea Sphere illuminated mermaid act for sea themed events

4. Trust the professionals!

People who work in the entertainments and events industry (if they are any good!) will be able to advise you on what will and won’t work. If you speak to someone who suggests an outdoor ceilidh for a November wedding without a marquee – please politely decline and find someone else! The best in the industry are those who will be honest with you if they don’t think they can offer what you want, or, if what you want may need some amending, they will tell you.

5. How long does this entertainment need to last?

It’s a well known fact that weddings rarely run to time, if you are planning more of an alternative wedding, you may be less inclined to want your day to run like a military operation. However, it’s still worth having a loose plan for how long things may take.

Booking a live entertainer for an hour may not work if they turn up for their ‘hour’ and your guests are all still at the ceremony, or gorging on the amazing food you have provided for them!

You need to consider not only when you want this entertainment to be, but the duration. We tend to work performance times of either 2 x 45 minute sets or 3 x 30 minute sets. Extras can be negotiated, and we will happily work with what fits your plans.

Illuminated events

6. Logistics.

What type of location is it? Do you have access to the right electrical hook ups – you may need to consider logistics, however, any high end event professionals should do this for you. Simply connect the entertainment with the venue and they should do the rest. ( We certainly do!)

Our act is self-contained and free-roaming, We don’t need a stage. We don’t need lighting. We don’t need power. We just need you to have a great time and enjoy your day! You can find out more about our logistics, here. 

7. How much can you expect to pay?

The short answer is there is live entertainment for any budget. However, you will get the service you pay for. It’s a shame to cut back on live entertainment, as it tends to set the tone for the day. Grumpy, bored, hungry guests aren’t what anyone aims for at their wedding! So make the entertainment something that compliments the rest of your day.

We specialise in providing an enchanting live entertainment which is entirely unique, Our Show Globe creations and live entertainment will wow your guests with a visual spectacle that they can also interact with; perfect for engaging all your wedding guests, from grandparents to young children. Contact us here to talk through your ideas and creative inspiration for how we can bring the perfect live entertainment to your wedding!

Admiring the blossom in the Enchanted Flower Globe

Once you have considered some of the above points, our last morsel of advice is simply this; Choose live entertainment which when you imagine it at your wedding, makes you smile.

Do contact us for more information.


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