Enchanted Flower Globe Act

The Enchanted Flower Globe is a completely unique, beautifully illuminated, interactive walkabout act. It is perfect for spring and summer event entertainment, daytime or night. It is also the newest creation inside The Show Globe, our vibrant floral themed act, launched Spring 2018 and already very popular.

Equally at home as a unique spectacle at Garden events and Flower Shows, summer arts festivals or a special wow factor as your private garden party entertainment. Both children and adults get swept into the magic of this beautiful roaming act.

Performance description

The performance character is Floris, the mystical flower nymph who lives inside this magical and unique mobile microclimate. She is joyful and curious to meet her spectators. She draws them into her magical world, filled with butterflies and charm, magic and wonder. Giant posies bloom around her, flourishing in the heat. Watch as she tends to them and meet all the little creatures that live amongst them.

The Enchanted Flower Globe at Kleines Fest 2018 (photo copyright Sandra Hofmann)Floris glides through events in this beautiful mobile flower globe, interacting with the public, emanating a warmth and goodness reminiscent of childhood fairytales, sharing her world with them. Audiences are encouraged by her to press the big button on the outside of her world which makes the beautiful blossom mobile above her head rotate and all the little butterflies on it bob.

Tranquil music plays from the Enchanted Flower Globe, peppered with bird song, crickets and buzzing bees. It brings a ray of sunshine to spring and summer events whatever the weather.

Performance information

  • Standing at 2.25m high it is visible even in dense crowds.
  • It becomes brightly illuminated for dusk and evening performances. This really brings the magical element alive and looks really special, drawing big crowds around it.
  • The performance is completely waterproof and will still perform in the rain. Perfect for outdoor events when the weather can never be relied upon, this show will still go on regardless!
  • Standard performance times are either 2 x 45 minute sets or 3 x 30 minute sets. Extras can be negotiated.

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The response from the public was amazing. It was really special to watch the crowds interacting with it.

Jeanette Hockley
Chichester B.I.D.

“The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”

W.B. Yeats