When considering booking one of our Show Globe acts there are a few logistical factors to consider. We’re a completely custom-built creation so we appreciate you’ll need a little bit of behind the scenes information to know if you can accommodate us. Here is a guide to how we work and what we need to be able to give your event the best experience.

For International bookings requiring us to fly, please download our International Booking Information PDF for full details and then contact us for prices.

For U.K and E.U bookings, The Show Globe travels inside a trailer towed behind our van:

Show Globe Logistics: The-Show Globe van and trailer

Outdoor event information

On arrival, we’ll need to be able to drive as close to the performance space as possible. Ideally right next to it!

We’ll pop up our gazebo and roll the Show Globe inside it:

Show Globe Logistics: Moving the Globe from the trailer to the gazebo on arrival

We’ll then dress the interior of the Globe out of public sight, in the gazebo.

Having the gazebo and trailer situated together at the event allows us to be totally self-contained, to use the trailer as our dressing room and storage for our boxes. The van can be parked elsewhere after unloading:

Show Globe Logistics: The Show Globe trailer and gazebo set-up

The Gazebo will be the start and finish location of each of the performances. Our own show steward will open the gazebo to allow The Show Globe to glide out and perform. The steward will remain with the globe throughout the performance. For the most part they will blend discreetly into the crowd. The Show Globe will travel as far as is possible within the event space within the performance times.

Show Globe Logistics: Trailer, gazebo and Globe inside

Packing down at the end of the event will be the reverse of this process. The above information is the basic outline, click here to download the detailed Technical Specification PDF with more in depth information of our requirements for outdoor bookings.

Indoor bookings

Every indoor booking is different as every building is different. We will need to talk to you about your venue and its own particular access.

The Show Globe comes apart in 3 different options:

Just the top is removed

This is the easiest and will be the fastest to rebuild inside your venue. Your doorways need to be 1.95m wide for this. Height over 1.5m. Build time 1 hour once we’re inside.

Top removed, scenery removed, circular base turned 90° on its side

This is for venues with doorways accommodating 1.95m in height and 0.85m width minimum. This is a more involved build and dismantle. Build time 2 hours once we’re inside.

The Globe is completely dismantled and arrives in multiple flight cases

This is for venues with no larger available entry points than a standard single doorway or with tight corners in hallways etc to get to the performance area. Build time 4 hours once we’re in.

We need a dedicated build space of 3m by 3m minimum in the performance room or within access of the performance room at fully built dimensions. This will be hidden from view for the duration of the event. We can provide screens for this. This will be the start and finish point of each performance.

We will dismantle The Show Globe after the last performance. We will unload all our equipment after the public have left the room post event if our area is within the event room.

This is a brief outline. For our detailed indoor booking technical information click here to download our PDF