Christmas party entertainment

The Show Globe presents the most magical Christmas act for your Christmas party imaginable! The Living Snow Globe. This one of a kind festive act will be unlike anything your party guests will have ever seen before, it’s the only one in the world, we created it! This unique Christmas act will elevate your parties Christmas entertainment to another level, wowing your guests.

An elaborately detailed winter wonderland scene, with a host of magical special effects, is beautifully encased inside a life size illuminated snow globe structure. All this is brought to life by the shimmering Snow Queen character sat inside. A unique blend of animatronics and human control guides this snow globe and her Snow Queen through your event, interacting with, and amazing your guests. Twinkling lights illuminate it, adding extra enchantment for evening events. Guests are encouraged to press the big red button which brings to life a huge snow flurry effect around the Snow Queen, like a true snow globe! This wonderful interactive effect creates a huge immediate wow factor for guests and makes perfect photo opportunities.

Living Snow Globe blowing snowflakes at a Christmas party eventIntrigued? Ready to make your party stand out in the memories of your guests? Here’s how to create maximum impact by using our act as your Christmas Party Entertainment choice:

Outside meet and greet entertainment

Sitting at just over 2.20m high this large in stature act creates a big impact positioned outside your venue to greet guests as they arrive. The illuminations and swirling snow make for a spectacular visual to amaze guests as cars pull up outside on a cold winters evening. The Snow Queen waving and greeting them from inside her magical world. Guests stop for photographs with the Living Snow Globe before entering your party. Create an immediate buzz and conversation starter as guests arrive.

“Did you see the snow globe outside? Amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it before, just look at the photo I captured on my phone…”

Drinks reception entertainment

Where venue space is ample (see our Logistics page for more details), The Living Snow Globe act looks beautiful positioned indoors as either a static interactive installation, or as mingling entertainment. The first hour of a party can be a little awkward as people arrive, the drinks are only just starting, the party energy hasn’t relaxed just yet. Enrich your guests experience, give them a unique talking point as a party conversation ice breaker. More reserved guests will either watch it from afar, enjoying commenting on it. Bolder guests will choose to interact with it directly, pressing the button to make the snow blow and having their photos with it. These will be the party pictures that will later be shared on social media and with their friends and family after your event.

“Look at this act that they had at the Christmas party last night, it was stunning!”

Key points

  • Completely unique
  • Interactive
  • Visual for photographs
  • Mobile or static options
  • Weatherproof, will still perform outside in the rain
  • No power access required
  • Self-contained