About us – Circus performer meets pyrotechnic!

We are Nikki and Tim Kennett, the husband and wife team behind the creation of The Show Globe. With over 20 years of circus arts and event entertainment experience in a huge variety of settings, from contemporary circus and street theatre to film, celebrity weddings and corporate events, we are consummate professionals. Together we launched The Show Globe in 2016. Its popularity and success quickly snowballed (excuse the pun!).

What do we do for events?

We both share a passion for attention to detail, to make every performance a special and magical experience for the audience, wherever we are. Our goal is to wow and we definitely deliver. The Show Globe acts are so unique that they have an immediate impact on spectators, a wow factor, a talking point, it’s big, visual and oh so camera phone friendly. When it glides into an event space it stops people in their tracks, it’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. That’s what drives us, our passion is to entertain, to create memories, to mystify and most importantly, to make people smile. To be that one completely unique experience that stands out in people’s memories at all the events we perform at.

Where did the idea come from?

The concept of The Show Globe, which is the only one of its kind in the world, was initially dreamed up by Nikki in 2015, after sustaining a significant injury during an acrobatics performance which meant needing to retire from being a professional acrobat of 17 years.

Acrobatics performance

Lengthy surgery recovery times gave plenty of time to think outside the box regarding a less physical new performance to work. She took her idea to Steve Taylor of Four Fish Designs who is an incredibly talented prop maker she’d worked with before on other projects. Steve managed to bring it to life and The Show Globe was born! You can read the full story behind this here.

Tim stepped in to complete this family project. Tim has many years’ experience as a pyrotechnic and show technician. His dedicated work ethic and ability to both maintain the technical elements of the acts as well as guide them safely through crowds is invaluable. He’s also the friendly face that event organisers liaise with on the day whilst Nikki is busy transforming!

It takes a village…

The concept of the structure, how it moves and interacts, what the special effects will be and what each scene concept looks like, may come from the imaginations of Tim and Nikki but to make it all come to life… well that definitely involves a huge team of exceptionally talented people! We hand pick the best of the best who share our passion to deliver what we have in mind at the highest possible quality.

Steve Taylor of Four Fish Designs https://www.instagram.com/fourfishdesigns/ has been integral from the start and is the talent behind the original build. Every beautifully created and hand painted piece of scenery in all of the Show Globe’s is done by his fair hand. Every puppet, every icicle, every mirror, all his handiwork. When Tim goes to him with the concept of a huge shattering technical mirror there may be some choice words but he goes off to his workshop and makes it happen!

Jason Mercer joined our team a few years in and has become indispensable. He’s the electronics wizard that makes all the special effects actually happen. He’s streamlined all the original technical elements and build brand new shiny effects beyond our expectations. Steve hands over beautiful looking props and Jason powers them. He may have once been the keyboard player touring worldwide with a huge Queen tribute band but to us he’s become the nuts and bolts of the magic we create.

Our costumes are the exquisite work of several talented people we have the pleasure of working with through our journey over the years. The original snow queen and mermaid were created by Perdita Robbins, now a talent tattoo artist! Floris in the Enchanted Flower Globe was designed and created by the wonderful Kingsley Hall of https://www.instagram.com/darlingforeffect/. He swooped in and saved the day on a tight deadline and his beautiful work has really stood the test of time, having been worn to hundreds of performances all over the world over the last 5 years so far and still going strong.

Our newer super warm snow queen outfits were designed and made by the brilliant Abby Grewcock, originally to help us survive performing outside in Moscow for a New Years show in 2020 and now so popular because they are so beautiful we wear them everywhere! The Mystic costume, our newest character, is another of her beautiful creations.

The beautifully crafted wigs are made by both Bafta winner Vincenza Miele of https://www.instagram.com/the_wig_room_training_academy/ and Martine Jones https://www.instagram.com/martinemua/. Vincenza made Floris and Martine made the original snow queen wig and wonderful mermaid wig which we still use 7 years on!

What’s a show without music? Our soundtracks are created by the talents of Francisco Rios, blending carefully chosen exiting tracks with his own creations to help us create just the right atmosphere for our audiences to experience the theatre they are watching. Find out more about Francisco at https://www.instagram.com/sounddesignerfran/.

Of course the thing that makes us so special isn’t just that we’re visually exciting, our passion is performance, to create theatre for the audiences. The show in The Show Globe is what it is all about and for that we work with the very highly respected and talented Angela De Castro. She has directed the characters of Floris and the Mystic within The Show Globe. With decades of clown and theatre performance (Slava’s Snow Show being just one!) and directing history behind her we’re truly humbled that we can call her both a friend and a valued part of The Show Globe’s team. See Angela’s profile at https://www.instagram.com/purkinao/.

As you can see we take the greatest care to work with an incredible group of makers to be able to deliver the very best shows that we can. We are all the magic makers, we are the dreamers of dreams!

“Your beautiful performances at the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta in Woolwich and Greenwich had everyone transfixed.”

Tracey Sage
Tall Ships Regatta

You provide the event, we bring the magic.