Unique festival walkabout acts

The goal of The Show Globe is to surprise and delight festival audiences of all ages. To be truly accessible to all.

Unique illuminated walkabout acts for Street Theatre Festivals and Outdoor Arts events

By inventing these 4 unique walkabout acts, we aimed to raise the bar and heighten quality expectations within the UK-based roaming entertainment industry. To elevate the perception of what walkabout acts are, and can be.

We wanted to make dreams come true and fantasy worlds come alive. We’re like a magical mixing pot of circus arts performers, make-up artists, costume designers, set designers and technical wizard ninjas who aspire to showcase true artistry and aesthetic splendor in everything we do.

What we have created is unique, something festival audiences are surprised to see, evoking the magic of discovery for both adults and children. It’s not easily explained at first glance, not familiar, no previous reference point for what they are looking at!

Pure artistic joy and ethereal fantasy – in a giant roaming snow globe structure!

Audience reactions to The Show Globe at festivals are strong and joyful. Festivals are the perfect environment to be surprised, to feel open to discovery, to feel joy in the unusual. This is why we love performing at outdoor arts festivals so much! We’re just as at home performing at mainstream festivals such as Glastonbury Festival as we are at arts festivals such as Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten.

“Yes! Sooo good! Beautiful and original!”

Glastonbury Festival walkabout programmer
(Sea Sphere act)

How to choose a live performance act for your festival

The Show Globe has 3 beautiful interactive walkabout acts which make unique entertainment at festivals. These are the Sea Sphere, an Enchanted Flower Globe and the Living Snow Globe. Each theme, whichever you choose for your event, is magical in its own way and a feast for the senses of your audiences.

Waterproof entertainment for outdoor festivals

Critically for outdoor festival performance, these acts are waterproof and will still perform in the rain! In fact, rainstorms create a really spectacular ethereal element to the Globes when the sky darkens with clouds and the Globes lights become brighter, illuminating the scene inside with the rain racing down the outside of the sphere.

Sea Sphere unique performance act at Bristol Harbour FestivalRoaming act travels through your event

All three of the acts glide gracefully amongst the public interacting with them. Each has its own individual character, each with different special effects such as snow or bubbles that the public trigger by pressing a big red button on the front. The Show Globes plays beautiful atmospheric music to set the scene, with a variety of theme-related sound effects, all triggered by the character moving her hands inside.

Imagine all the people…

Festivals need people. People need festivals.

What better way to attract a crowd to a specific focus point, stage or element of your festival, than with an artistically alluring performer who lives in a massive transparent world full of colour, glitter and wonderment?

Over the years, we’ve brought the magic to Glastonbury, Shambala, Arts by the Sea Festival, Ashbourne International Arts Festival, Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten in Germany, Hans Christian Andersen Festival in Denmark, Joy Joy in Belgium amongst many more.

We can bring our special brand of quirky entertainment to your beer and food festivals, craft festivals, carnivals and comedy events. You’ll think you’re imagining things. And you certainly will be.

So how does it work?

Due to the scale and technical element of these performance we always provide our own technician who also doubles as the steward during performance sets.

For technical requirements, see our Logistics page.

“The Show Globe performing Sea Sphere was a real highlight of Arts by the Sea festival. A mermaid in beautifully detailed costume and makeup, drifting about inside a clear ‘snow globe’ style bubble, truly entranced the audience. Children especially were gripped by this dreamy yet lifelike performance. As the festival’s programmer, I was delighted to see how popular the performance was, with crowds literally teeming around the sphere. The performance itself was both high impact and flexible, working brilliantly after dark, as well as during the day, due to the addition of lighting effects. A brilliant act.”

Roxy Robinson
Arts By the Sea Festival programmer
(Sea Sphere act)

Key points

  • Self-contained performance
  • 3 x 30 minute or 2 x 45 minute performances
  • Waterproof act
  • Perfect for family audiences
  • Unique wow factor
  • Does not need power to perform