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The Show Globe provides a perfect shopping centre entertainment act to draw in the crowds, engage and entertain the public. It is a completely original, interactive attraction that glides slowly through shopping centres, malls and concourses – whether indoor or outdoor.

Interactive crowd entertainment for shopping centres

With three beautiful themes to choose from, this interactive performance act gives you a high impact and unique choice for your shopping centre’s spring, summer and Christmas entertainment programmes.

Increase footfall for a small investment

We understand that your choice of entertainment for your centre needs to tick multiple boxes. It needs to be visually marketable on your social media channels, enough of an attraction to increase footfall, whilst being cost effective. Retailers want to see results. Families want something the children will enjoy in-between doing their shopping. Then of course, it all needs to tick all the health and safety boxes. We have three unique acts that do all this and more, making them ideal for your shopping centre entertainment!

Sea Sphere mermaid act in Intu Potteries shopping centreThe Show Globe can help make your shopping centre event successful

We help our prestigious and larger retail clients by using our creative expertise in promoting events. We’ve been doing this for years, and we love a good crowd as much as you do! We can help you with:

Digital marketing assistance

The Show Globe provides high quality images and video footage to help you market the act’s appearance, and increase footfall on your chosen days.

Strong and engaged social media reach

Its uniqueness attracts strong social media reach before, during and after the day. Leverage selfie sharing and picture-taking with your shopping centre’s hashtag.

Technical steward

It’s a self-contained act which means there is no need for cables, staging or rigging of any kind.

One Steward is provided with the act, no power required. The Steward is on hand at all times to ensure the act runs smoothly. You can rest easy and leave it all to us.

Family and child-friendly shopping centre entertainment

Children absolutely love these magical acts, families bring their children to the centres to see them. If you’re holding a children’s book launch, craft event or themed fun day, we can help to bring it to life.

Safety and crowd control

Risk assessment, public liability insurance and enhanced DBS checks held. The structure is safe, tactile for children to touch, no sharp edges and moves very slowly guided by our steward.

“Your photos are really beautiful, they’ve generated the highest interest on our social media, more than any of our other activities.”

Intu Potteries Shopping Centre

Shopping centre acts

Living Snow Globe: For driving Christmas footfall, our Living Snow Globe mobile act is perfect. Totally unique, the only one in the world, this beautiful and mesmerizing roaming act contains a shimmering Snow Queen performer, inside of a beautifully illuminated magical snow globe. The Living Snow Globe glides along walkways, as if magically floating on air. Full of unique special effects that the public can interact with, it plays tranquil music and a host of festive sound effects which are triggered by a sweep of the Snow Queens hand inside. The Living Snow Globe act has an interactive button that when pushed by the public creates a huge snowfall within the globe, a favourite with children. Perfect Christmas entertainment. See more >

Enchanted Flower Globe: A beautiful and unusual act for encouraging visitors to summer shopping events. This brightly coloured floral themed Globe containing Floris the flower nymph, moves through shopping centres spreading a Disney-esque warmth engaging with families. Children flock to see the butterfly puppets and press the big button that triggers a beautiful surprise effect. The Enchanted Flower Globe is filled with butterflies and little creatures for the children to meet and interact with. Gentle music plays and there are photo opportunities a-plenty! See more >

Sea Sphere: Mermaids are so popular currently and our beautiful sea themed Sea Sphere globe containing a mystical mermaid draws big family crowds. With a beautiful sea scape back drop, ses creatures and plenty of interactive nautical sound effects, our Sea Sphere is very popular. Bubbles blow from the Globe for the children to play in, this effect is optional where appropriate. The Sea Sphere gentle travels through the centre creating huge interest and bringing smiles. See more >

“Chichester BID would definitely recommend The Living Snow Globe act, the response from the public was amazing. It was really special to watch the crowds interacting with it. It was so good that we have booked them again for Christmas 2018!”

Jeanette Hockley
Member Services Manager, Chichester BID (Business Improvement District)

Technical information

  • The Show Globe is 2.23m high and 1.9m wide when performing.
  • Backstage area required, we provide a 3m x 3m gazebo for this. Empty shop units can be used if preferred. Ensure the doorway is big enough for the above dimensions.
  • The Globe can arrive dismantled for indoor shopping centres. It is then constructed once inside, in our 3m x 3m gazebo/shop unit.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor centres.
  • Waterproof, will still perform in the rain at outdoor centres.

For more details visit our Logistics page

Detailed indoor technical information PDF
Detailed outdoor technical information PDF