Mystic Mirror Globe

The Mystic Mirror Globe is the brand new creation by The Show Globe for 2023. A Magical world made of mirrors of all shapes and sizes that can spin or crack open at the press of the big button! The Globe is full of unique custom-made, interactive special effects. From the mirrors themselves, to sound effects, smoke effects and media.

Performance description

The wise Mystic sits inside this world quietly taking in her curious spectators. Will she select you? She may beckon you for a closer look at yourself inside one of her magical handheld circus mirrors, transforming your features into curious shapes.

Perhaps the mirror that she chooses for you will transport you far, far outside of the world looking down at where you are standing (thanks to a little bit of media magic!). For younger members of the audience the mirrors are playful, contorting features mischievously. For adults you’re invited to look and think a little deeper about how we look at ourselves, the Mystic will offer you choices.

Mystic Mirror Globe act magic at Glastonbury FestivalWhich jewellery box will you choose and what outcome will it bring you? It could be that you are presented with an ancient scroll to read. These are different proverbs about how we look at the world and sometimes how we see ourselves. They are thought provoking, often heart-warming, with a little tinge of mystery of course! Could you be the one that shatters the huge mirror behind her in an amazing special effect?

Mystic Mirror Globe sharing words of wisdom

After dusk the illuminations inside the Mystic Mirror Globe are spectacular. Lighting effects set the scene and bounce off the mirrors, these effects change with the press of the big button by the public, triggering the mirror ball overhead to spin, along with the mirrors set in the scenery, all catching the light and sending it out into the audience.

Combined with ethereal music, smoke coming out into the crowd and the theatrical performance by the Mystic herself and this act will really wow and amaze. It is incredibly versatile, with its ability to adapt for different audiences and its many different elements making it equally engaging in the daytime and also after dark.

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“Those that don’t believe in magic will never find it”

Roald Dahl