Acts for festive family events

Christmas is a time of wonderment and excitement for children and families. As the winter snow falls and the Christmas lights are switched on, we head for late night shopping centres, festive parades and Santa’s grottos. Events all over the UK try to compete to become the best, most memorable Christmas experience for adults and kids alike.

The Living Snow Globe is a truly magical and unique winter-themed live performance; the only one of its kind in the world. We built it, designed it and put all our magic into it.

Christmas and Winter themed events for all the family

As an events organiser, you’ll know that planning festive family events isn’t always easy; who do you book for your live entertainment? Are they be reliable? Will they be Christmassy enough? How do their prices compare? How much preparation and planning is involved?

When you book our one-of-a-kind winter performance act, it will be unlike anything the crowd have seen before. They’ll be dazzled and captivated; transported into a living fairytale of ethereal music with a breathtaking, sparkling Snow Queen. With her delicate glance, she catches their eye and draws them in. She glides along pathways, stopping to gather attention and interact with the visitors. She has the power to lead your crowds anywhere you want them to follow – like a charmingly feminine Pied Piper of winter wonderlands.

Family events, festivals and concerts in December

December is a key time for us, so please do book early! Over the years, we have been proud to perform our Living Snow Globe act at various Christmas and winter events such as:

  • Winter solstice festivals
  • Dickensian Christmas festivals
  • Christmas lights switch ons
  • Village Christmas fayres
  • Christmas markets
  • Designer shopping outlets
  • Shopping centres
  • Christmas carol services
  • Cathedral Christmas music
  • Illuminated woodlands
  • Outdoor ice rinks
  • Santa’s grottos
  • Winter pantomimes
  • Candlelight parades

With stunning theatrical quality make-up, sparkling costume and delightfully warm gestures and facial expressions, the whole experience can be immersive and entrancing.

Living Snow Globe festive family event entertainerPhoto opportunities to publicise your Christmas event

As with any Christmas event, you’ll be investing in the delight of the crowds and aiming to create marketing opportunities and media for future events.

Picture the perfect night sky, crisp pavements, mulled wine, and all the magic of light.

Our beautiful Snow Globe is a human-sized version of the children’s toy, complete with falling snow and tonnes of sparkle. Twinkling LED lights illuminate the transparent sphere, adding extra enchantment for evening events. The visuals created by this unique blend of animatronics and human controls, couple with precision stage makeup and special effects, make this a memorable photo opportunity for all your guests. Images sell. #marketing #roi

Book a unique interactive Winter act

Winter festivals can be great places for our act to roam freely, interacting with the crowd. It’s self-contained, and needs no power or lighting – we do it all. Our technical wizard also doubles as security, so rest assured, we steward the crowd and make sure the public are safe at all times. There are no sharp edges and the whole act is child-friendly.

If you’re a shopping centre manager and you’d like to attract attention to key displays, concessions or outlets, our Snow Globe is the perfect talking point. People will gravitate towards the magical glittery thing in the distance, just to see what’s going on. The crowds gather. And thus, the effect is amplified. Visitors are encouraged to press the big red button which brings to life a huge snow flurry effect around the Snow Queen, like a true snow globe! #xmasshopping #whitechristmas #letitsnow

Public events: meet and greet, roaming or focal point

If you’ve ever been responsible for planning a large public event like Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Bath Christmas Market or Christmas at Kew, you’ll be well aware of the different zones in which you need to entertain and move the crowds.

The Living Snow Globe is a jaw-dropping 2.20m high, so it can be used to create visual interest to greet guests as they arrive. The Snow Queen’s wintery spell will be cast as she entrances your vistors. Try positioning her at the ticket booths and see revenues climb with on-the-night sales.

If you have a large event space, such as a festival or shopping mall, the Snow Queen can perform a walkabout act to cover most of the venue, mingling with crowds and creating a buzz. Think of the return on investment; one price, one act, many hundreds of square metres covered.

Our stunning Snow Globe can also be used to divert attention to a specific area of your festival or event. Say you have a Christmas choral show at 7pm and you’d like to show the crowds where to go, making sure they don’t miss the performance. Position her outside the entrance to the Christmas Circus big top, the food court, or alongside the lake to help light the way. Whatever your event, we can come up with a range of ideas to help you make it successful – both financially and in terms of marketing memorability.

“This mesmerising act was a wonderful addition to our event at Skipton Christmas Market. The Show Globe was a delight to book, so friendly and worked with us so well. I would not hesitate to book them again, our visitors certainly loved your Living Snow Globe, all 45,000 of them!”

Judy Probst
Skipton Town Centre Ambassador, Skipton Council

Key points

  • Completely unique
  • Winter-themed with snow effects
  • Interactive live performer
  • Visual for photographs
  • Mobile or static options
  • Weatherproof, will still perform outside in the rain
  • No power access required
  • Self-contained

Perfect for: Christmas festivals, Late night Christmas shopping and Winter-themed events.