Corporate event entertainment

We understand that choosing the best entertainment for your corporate event means blending the wow factor with value for money. Making your event stand out in the memories of your clients or colleagues, whilst adding value to their experience is key. We want your corporate event to be talked about, remembered, photographed and shared on social media; and we deliver.

Whether it’s for your company’s summer party, a product launch, trade fair or Christmas party, our 3 beautiful Show Globe acts provide a unique interactive experience that gets your event noticed and remembered for the right reasons.

Create your own bespoke corporate hospitality act!

With the option to commission your own bespoke themed interior, we can create a truly memorable interactive visual that is on brand for your company and event. We help you explore options to get across your company’s energy, values and spirit; we’re also able to incorporate company colours, merchandise, advertising jingles and promotional messages.

Maximise your budget by using your full floor space

The Show Globe is mobile and travels slowly through your event space, whether indoors or outdoors, creating a memorable spectacle. If you’re a seasoned event planner or used to investing in corporate entertainment, you’ll know that you often need a “big look” for a reasonable price per head. Some performers need large areas of staging, lights, power and a lot of overseeing – this is time and effort which could be put into the food and drinks, or the decor.

Smaller venues may feel unable to accomodate live performance – but you’d be surprised!

We mingle. We blend. We move. We adapt.

Corporate summer event entertainmentEnjoy the party, we manage ourselves!

There are a multitude of benefits to hiring a mobile act for your corporate party:

  • we are free to roam the event thus entertaining different clusters of guests
  • you get more coverage and “show” for one expense
  • we operate a self-contained unit which needs no input from you or your team
  • we’re fully security concious and conversant with health and safety regulations

Settle and relax your guests ahead of the main event

Guests can engage with the Show Globe’s interactive elements or simply enjoy it from afar as it creates a beautiful image with detailed themes, illuminations and striking characters. A perfect conversation ice breaker and refreshing focal point for guests as they mingle.

Our corporate clients have used this breathtaking live act to entertain, stimulate, calm and encourage party guests to get to know each other. We can provide a fun way to start a team away day, conference or promotional product launch; easing nerves and connecting different cultures and business functions over a shared magical experience.

Hire our unique live act for your next company event

To learn more about our 3 existing acts, The Enchanted Flower Globe, The Living Snow Globe and the sea Sphere, click on the pictures below:

Key points

  • Large and visual, creating a stand-out spectacle
  • Great focal point for event photographs
  • Branding options available
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors, the act is weatherproof
  • Suitable for daytime or evening, illuminated effects at night
  • Interactive elements and special effects