The Show Globe – World Class Entertainment for Events

The Show Globe is a completely unique roaming, interactive attraction for events. It is the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. The ultimate wow factor for a discerning audience. This is a new form of event entertainment that creates lasting memories.

From large public events such as switching on cities Christmas lights or outdoor arts festival performance, to private party entertainment, corporate launches, summer festivals and exhibitions, The Show Globe brings the wow and enriches your guests’ experience, whatever the event.

Living Snow Globe act unique winter event entertainment

Living Snow Globe >

Sea Sphere unique mermaid act for events

Sea Sphere >

Enchanted Flower Globe summer entertainment by The Show Globe

Enchanted Flower Globe >

With 20 years experience performing in the professional events and circus arts industry, the wonder and amazement of the crowd pushes us to inspire and enchant.

There are currently three stunning and unique interior themes and characters to choose from, the Sea Sphere, an Enchanted Flower Globe and the Living Snow Globe. There is also the option to commission your very own interior theme for your event with our professional designers.

The whispers of the public are all the proof we need. We hear the “Wow!” and the “LOOK!” and the indelible awe among the crowds and that is the electricity that powers us to captivate and to bring our unique brand of charm and enchantment to your doorstep.

I actually cried when I saw it for the first time. It was the end to the most perfect day. It stopped for my daughter and she thought it was just for her, she was completely blown away.

Victoria Wells
audience member

Use our magic to breathe life and vivid imagination into your events. We’ll make sure your event is never forgotten with the enchantment of The Show Globe.